Personal Safety with Personal Style:

With some of the obvious problems we face in our society lately, personal safety has become an important issue for many people.  For those who have a conceal carry license, sometimes where to keep your weapon so that it is concealed and easily accessed can be an issue.  And for those who are fashion conscious, how do you do that and keep on trend?!  It is a balance a lot of fashionista gun carriers find hard to strike!


Luckily, Montana West has some answers for all those questions.  


Where to keep your weapon so that it is secure, concealed and close by?  A handbag is a great place to carry and conceal your weapon.  Luckily, Montana West has made the conceal carry handbag a large part of their collection.  We offer many styles and sizes in handbags with the conceal carry zipper pocked.  You can always find a bag that fits your style and match your favorite looks!  With so many options, the only question left is where you will put all these new favorite bags!  We hope you have a lot of closet space!


How to easily access your weapon?  Handbags, although offering a great spot to carry your weapon easily, often makes it hard to access easily in a normal bag.  Nothing worse than having to dig for your gun when you need it in a timely manner!   The design of our conceal carry pocket gives you both easy access, while still keeping it hidden and safely tucked away until you need it.   Our patent protected zipper pocket is specifically designed with a shaped pocket lining, keeping your weapon in an easy to grab, ready to use space.   It is a standard size of 9.5” x 5” to fit most average sized weapons.  


What if I am left-handed?   Montana West offers bags with a left-hand access pocket for those who are left handed.  So either way, we have you covered!


How can I choose from such a large selection?!   That is a question we cannot answer for you!  With so many styles available and such great collections being released on a regular basis, there is always plenty of options for you to choose from to satisfy your fashion needs!   Not only does Montana West have a great variety of styles with conceal carry pockets, but we offer it across all our labels (American Bling, Trinity Ranch, and Delila).  There is always something new to see and shop from on!